What a Beutiful Smile you have!

shy girl1

When I was a young girl, I had trouble identifying whom I was – I knew that I came from a single mother who had suffered much abuse and neglect in her own life and because of looking for love in all the wrong places, she had me at 16. As I grew older, not really knowing my dad; I had very strong Identity issues, I wanted to become and be everyone else outside of who I was. I was ugly – this was very apparent by the taunts and bullies at school, not to mention the unnecessary fights after school that I didn’t ask for. I was afraid to look in the mirror for quite some time; all because I wasn’t ready to face the UGLY girl that everyone else identified with. Then one day, I had a teacher to tell me “What a Beautiful Smile you have” Of course I didn’t notice, I was too afraid to look in the mirror. Thank You? I said, but in my mind I was like “Was she really talking to me? After she told me that, there were countless others just like her whom told me the same thing….I would find myself smiling but hurriedly wipe it away as if I shouldn’t be doing it. And they would say, Oh No; don’t stop – Keep smiling, you have a Beautiful Smile, after hearing that I finally got the courage to look in the mirror to see exactly what they saw, A Beautiful Smile.

I may not had been the prettiest girl; but I learned to embrace the best thing I had going for myself; which was my smile, A smile has a way of bringing healing and restoring everything that was once broken down in a person’s life, it has a way of brightening every pathway and lighting every room. A smile also has a way of bringing water to a very destitute and dry place in someone’s life. Therefore that’s why this newsletter is called “Beautiful Smiles” because not only does everyone have one but with it they also have the ability to heal, nurture and restore others with just one flash of it. So don’t ever think that you don’t have anything to offer or that you don’t have any “perfect” qualities about yourself because if you have a smile ~ Then you have everything you need and more…



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