isolated loaf


Recently, very recently – as a matter of fact just this past week; I’ve found myself in a struggle with settling for less than what I feel like I deserve. For the biggest part of my life I’ve always settled for less, scared of really asking and pushing forward to the BEST because truth be told – I never thought I deserved it. The BEST or what I call the Loaf of Bread, I felt like belonged to people whom were smarter, wiser, already had things going on for themselves or had rich parents, It seemed to the Best life was carved out in stone to belong basically to the silver-spooners not the wooden nickels.

So, instead of “reaching for the stars” I instead found a home on mediocre lane and settled there for most of my life. I had someone recently tell me; Settle for what you can right now until you get yourself together and I was literally one sec shy of writing them back and telling them; I will settle for anything at this point – but that’s usually what I always ended up doing, especially when my back is against the wall  and I fell there’s no way out. I choose to settle for the crumbs instead of desiring and/or waiting for the loaf.


I ended up writing them back; but it wasn’t to say that I will settle, at that point I had, had enough of speaking that word. This morning in the shower for the first time in my life; I REALLY, I MEAN REALLY! Began to think about who I was and my position concerning the Lord, I began to tell God – I CAN’T SETTLE, I WON’T SETTLE! I just can’t bring myself to do it because if the Lord is strong and mighty, rich in houses and lands and has the whole wide world in his hands; if he’s the God that can say Live and you live and under the same tone say Die and you die; If he’s the man that took 2 fish and fives loaves of bread and feed over 5000 people and then some; If he’s the man that told Sarah she would have a child in her old age and she gave birth to Isaac at 90; If he’s the man that healed the sick and raised the dead; if he’s the man that turned nasty water into wine and cast out evil spirits; if he’s the man that told the disciples to cast their nets, after they had been fishing for days with no luck of catching a fish and after he spoke just one word; they caught so many fish, they probably could feed a village of people; If  he’s the man that could speak to winds and waves and they listen to him.

So, If I serve a God who can do all of that – then what more is he able to do in my life and your life; why are we settling for the crumbs when we were created to have the whole loaf of bread. Some of us have settled because we feel like we don’t deserve better because of the mistakes that has happened in our lives, so we settle for mediocrity refusing to accept the LOAF because we feel guilty about the many thing that we have either done or continue to do.

Let me tell you this – Anyone whom has accepted the Father, has accepted the WHOLE LOAF OF BREAD! So ask yourself why you are still choosing to eat the crumbs!….

I want the best car, the best house, the best husband, the best job with increase, Best does not mean Perfect, but it’s the Best that God has in store for me and for you. What are you settling for today, why be in LACK when you have a God that has your BACK! It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, he doesn’t care about that – He loves, adores and cares about you and wants you to have a FULL Course meal.

So what do you say; Would you like to have a LOAF OF BREAD?

happy or comfortable


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