When Our Emotions Go Bad!

Life has a way of dealing each and every one of us our fair share of lemons, which result in disappointments, stress, anxiety, loss of self and sometimes loss of mind. Depending on the situation; that roller-coaster ride of ups and downs can have a bad effect on our emotions. In life, I’ve definitely had my share of roller-coaster rides; whether brought on by life’s lemons or my own emotional breakdowns.

Our emotions can take a serious toll on us, it can control the way we think, how we act, how we respond and ultimately how we talk to others. Our emotions can destroy the most trusting relationships and isolate our every move; eventually holding us hostage within our own minds. But there’s HOPE, as emotions are just “negative” feelings, in which can be controlled.

If you’re finding yourself caged by emotions, then maybe the following tips below can help get you out of “The Jail of Emotions” and move towards a life of Freedom.

Talk to a Trusted Friend, Pastor or Counselor

I listed three important people here, because depending on how light or severe your emotional ride may be; talking to a trusted friend is the first step; it’s best to let someone you trust know that you have an issue with controlling your emotions; a good friend will hold you responsible for your actions by telling you the truth and not sugar-coat or sweep your issue under the rug. A Pastor is a good source as they can give you sound spiritual advice regarding your issue and could also serve as a trusted confidante. If your issues are extremely severe, a Counselor can help you identify what the emotional triggers are and offer medical alternatives.

 Act, But Don’t React!

As stated bad news will come, as it’s a natural part of life. Just because a bad emotion knocks at your door doesn’t mean you have to respond to it. You are in control of your emotions and they shouldn’t control how you react to altering situations.

 Don’t take it Personal

These four words changed my life on this year when I had a melt down over a couple of issues involving other people’s attitudes; Most of the time our emotions are caught up by things that aren’t really what they seem, you’re not the only one having a bad day; Take it into consideration that someone else may be having a bad day too and their attitude may not be necessarily directed at you but at a situation that they may be experiencing themselves during the time.

 Channel the Negative Emotion Elsewhere

This sometimes is easier said than done, as it’s not easy focusing on other things when your emotions are all over the place; but it really does help to channel that energy into something else; such as exercising, talking to a friend, meditating and journaling, going to a movie or a relaxing place such as the beach.

Just because life deals you bad lemons, doesn’t mean you have to make bad lemonade; we have the power to make the best of everything that life brings our way, including how our emotions choose to handle it.